YouSolved: Your Partner for Identifying Ideal Candidates in Australia's Worker Shortage

6 October 2023

Australia's ongoing worker shortage has heightened the demand for exceptional candidates who can meet the unique challenges faced by various industries. Employers in Australia are turning to agencies like YouSolved for assistance in finding the ideal candidates to bridge the labour gap. In this blog post, we'll delve into the qualities that YouSolved looks for in ideal candidates, and why these attributes are crucial.

YouSolved: Your Partner for Identifying Ideal Candidates in Australia's Worker Shortage

Functional Spoken English: The Key to Effective Communication

Functional spoken English is an absolute necessity when applying for jobs in Australia. YouSolved recognizes the importance of language proficiency in facilitating clear and effective communication in the workplace. We provide guidance and support to candidates to help them meet the required language proficiency standards, ensuring they can communicate confidently and competently.

Half a Decade of Full-Time Experience: Proven Expertise

Employers in Australia are looking for candidates with substantial work experience. YouSolved values candidates with a minimum of five years of full-time experience in their respective fields. This extensive experience serves as a testament to their expertise and their ability to make an immediate impact. We help candidates leverage their work history to secure positions that align perfectly with their career aspirations.

Experience in 5-Star or Renowned Hotel Brands: Elevating Your Credentials

For hospitality candidates, experience in a 5-star hotel or a world-renowned hotel brand is highly regarded by employers in the Australian hospitality industry. YouSolved recognizes the prestige associated with such establishments and actively seeks candidates with this background. Having worked in these settings demonstrates a commitment to excellence and an understanding of the high standards expected in the Australian job market. We are not able to work with candidates from Fast food or Quick Service Restaurant backgrounds.

A La Carte Expertise: Setting You Apart

In Australia's culinary landscape, a la carte experience is particularly valued. YouSolved advises candidates to focus on a la carte experience rather than buffet experience, as this specialisation aligns better with the demands of the Australian restaurant industry. Ideal candidates are those who can demonstrate their proficiency in crafting exquisite, individually prepared dishes.

Readiness for Travel: Australia Awaits

Candidates should be prepared and willing to travel to Australia to seize the opportunities presented by the worker shortage. YouSolved guides candidates through the migration process, ensuring that they are ready to embark on this exciting journey. Our expertise in navigating immigration procedures makes the transition smoother and more manageable.

Financial Preparedness: A Prudent Step

Financial preparedness is a key consideration for candidates seeking to work in Australia. YouSolved emphasises the importance of financial planning to ensure that our candidates are financially stable and can comfortably support themselves during their settlement in Australia.


YouSolved is committed to assisting candidates who possess these essential qualities in becoming the ideal fit for the Australian job market during this worker shortage. Our expertise, personalised approach, and guidance empower candidates to meet the unique demands of the Australian workforce. Partnering with YouSolved means not only fulfilling your dream of working in Australia but also contributing to the nation's labour shortage solution. Together, we'll pave the way for a prosperous future, both for you and for Australia's thriving industries.

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