Chef Recruitment: You Solved vs Traditional Agencies

14 May 2024

Are you struggling to find the right chef for your restaurant through traditional recruitment agencies? You're not alone. Many in the Australian hospitality industry are facing a severe skills crisis, leaving them desperate for a reliable solution.

Chef Recruitment: You Solved vs Traditional Agencies

Enter 'You Solved', a game-changer in chef recruitment that not only taps into a global talent pool but also handles all migration processes under one roof. What's more, the cost of hiring an international chef through 'You Solved' is the same as hiring locally, covering all recruitment, migration agent, and government fees. In this article, you'll discover how 'You Solved' can transform your hiring strategy and why it could be the answer you've been searching for.

Comparison of Processes

When it comes to chef recruitment, the traditional approach often feels like putting a square peg in a round hole—especially amidst Australia's growing skills shortage in the hospitality industry. Traditional agencies typically restrict their search within local or national boundaries, which not only limits the pool of available talent but also fails to address the specific needs of individual restaurants and kitchens.

'You Solved' offers a strikingly different approach. By tapping into a global talent pool, 'You Solved' presents a rich array of skilled chefs from around the world, ready to bring their unique culinary talents to Australia. More importantly, 'You Solved' simplifies the recruitment process by combining both recruitment and migration services. This integrated approach means that you can manage the entire hiring process through a single point of contact, making it more streamlined and less bureaucratic than traditional methods.

Additionally, 'You Solved' ensures that the costs associated with hiring an international chef are on par with hiring locally. This includes all recruitment, migration agent fees, and government charges, which are often seen as a barrier when considering international recruitment. By standardising these costs, 'You Solved' not only makes it financially viable but also accessible for more businesses to consider international talent.

Global Talent Pool

A significant advantage of 'You Solved' is its access to a vast global talent pool. Traditional recruitment agencies typically focus on local candidates, which can be limiting, especially during a skills crisis. By sourcing candidates internationally, 'You Solved' offers a much larger selection of chefs to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your restaurant. This global approach not only brings diverse culinary skills but also provides more options to meet specific needs and preferences. Plus, 'You Solved' manages the entire migration process, making international hiring as simple as local recruitment.

Integrated Recruitment and Migration Services

One of the most significant advantages of 'You Solved' is its comprehensive approach to both recruitment and migration services. Traditional recruitment agencies typically don't engage with international candidates due to the complexities of migration law, often sidelining these applications. 'You Solved' breaks this norm by integrating recruitment with migration services, offering a seamless experience from start to finish. This means you deal with a single point of contact throughout the hiring process, ensuring efficiency and reducing the stress of managing multiple agencies. With 'You Solved', international hiring becomes as straightforward as local recruitment.


A common concern when considering international recruitment is the potential cost. However, 'You Solved' offers a unique value proposition: the cost of hiring an international candidate is the same as hiring locally. This all-inclusive fee covers recruitment, migration agent services, and government charges. By bundling these expenses, 'You Solved' eliminates the hidden costs and financial uncertainties typically associated with international hires. This transparency ensures you get top global talent without exceeding your budget, making 'You Solved' a cost-effective solution for your recruitment needs.

A Success Story with 'You Solved'

A large venue in regional NSW faced a critical staffing shortage, needing five experienced chefs just to keep the doors open. Traditional recruitment agencies were no help, leaving them understaffed and frustrated. Turning to 'You Solved', they successfully hired five chefs with considerable experience from the UAE and Qatar. The integrated recruitment and migration service simplified the entire process, allowing the venue to manage everything through one point of contact. The cost was equivalent to hiring locally, and the new chefs settled in seamlessly, revitalising the venue's operations.

Watch the full story here.

Addressing Common Objections

When considering a switch to 'You Solved' for chef recruitment, you might have a few reservations. Here are some common objections and how 'You Solved' addresses them:

  1. Is 'You Solved' truly better than traditional agencies?
    Yes, because 'You Solved' not only taps into a global talent pool but also integrates recruitment and migration services, ensuring a seamless hiring process.
  2. What if it doesn’t work for our specific needs?
    'You Solved' tailors its approach to match your specific requirements, offering personalised service and access to a diverse range of candidates.
  3. Isn’t it complicated to hire international candidates?
    'You Solved' simplifies this by handling all migration-related paperwork, making international hiring as straightforward as local recruitment.


Navigating the complexities of chef recruitment can be daunting, especially amidst a skills crisis. Traditional agencies often fall short, but 'You Solved' offers a transformative solution. By leveraging a global talent pool and integrating recruitment with migration services, 'You Solved' simplifies the process, making it as straightforward as local hiring. The cost-effective approach, inclusive of all fees, ensures no hidden surprises. If you're ready to revolutionise your hiring strategy and secure top culinary talent, 'You Solved' is your answer. Explore the possibilities and give your restaurant the competitive edge it deserves.

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