17 May 2024

Certification Issues for Auto Electricians in Australia

Navigating the certification landscape for auto electricians in regional Australia is a complex task. Business owners face a shortage of local talent and stringent industry standards. Here’s a guide to understanding and managing these challenges, particularly when considering international hires.


15 May 2024

How Much Does It Cost to Recruit an International Restaurant Manager

Unpacking the Realities of Hiring Internationally Are you feeling the pinch of the skills shortage in Australia's hospitality sector? You're not alone. Many restaurant owners and operators are turning their eyes overseas, hoping to find top-tier talent that can bring a fresh perspective and expertise to their venues. But with...


14 May 2024

Chef Recruitment: You Solved vs Traditional Agencies

Are you struggling to find the right chef for your restaurant through traditional recruitment agencies? You're not alone. Many in the Australian hospitality industry are facing a severe skills crisis, leaving them desperate for a reliable solution.


7 May 2024

Comparing Costs: Domestic vs International Welder Recruitment

Navigating the Complexities of Welder Recruitment: A Guided Tour Have you ever stared at an almost empty roster, the anxiety creeping up as you wonder how to fill those critical welding positions? If you're reading this, you probably know the feeling all too well. You've tried sourcing locally in Australia,...


6 May 2024

Financial Benefits of Hiring International Diesel Mechanics

Do you feel the strain of not having enough skilled diesel mechanics in your regional Australian business? You’re not alone. Many industries crucial to our regional economies, from transportation to agriculture, face this exact challenge. It’s tough finding local talent that can keep pace with the demand, and this scarcity hits hard—slowing down operations and directly impacting your bottom line.


11 April 2024

Employee Replacement Calculator

In today's competitive job market, employee turnover can feel like a revolving door. You spend countless hours recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding new hires, only to see them leave within a year or two. But the true cost of turnover goes far beyond wasted time and resources. It can cripple your bottom line.


6 October 2023

YouSolved: Your Partner for Identifying Ideal Candidates in Australia's Worker Shortage

Australia's ongoing worker shortage has heightened the demand for exceptional candidates who can meet the unique challenges faced by various industries. Employers in Australia are turning to agencies like YouSolved for assistance in finding the ideal candidates to bridge the labour gap. In this blog post, we'll delve into the qualities that YouSolved looks for in ideal candidates, and why these attributes are crucial.


14 August 2022

Where are all the kitchen hands?

It’s fair to say I spend a good whack of time on recruitment sites and industry specific hospitality pages. The hospitality skills shortage isn’t news to any of us, and I frequently analyse the number of chef adverts in a given region at a given time.


8 August 2022

Do remote venues have the edge in the midst of Australia's housing crisis?

International border closures, soaring interest rates, climbing rental prices and lack of affordable housing means that hospitality employers who are offering accommodation now have a real edge over their competitors.


24 June 2022

5 Things to Consider When Onboarding an Overseas Employee

Many organisations have sophisticated and detailed induction programmes for new hires, but not all of them consider the simple logistical challenges faced by candidates when migrating to Australia.


24 June 2022

Why Hire an International Trainee?

Don’t discount the value a really good international trainee can have on your workplace. With some careful organisation and some re-configuration of tasks, a trainee can relieve the pressure from your skilled leadership teams.